Suzuki Hayabusa 2019

Suzuki Hayabusa 2019

The new Suzuki Hayabusa 2019 returns to our market to continue being one of the fastest motorcycles in the world while maintaining the essence of this super sports bike that it has treasured since its launch.

Price: ND € | Power: 190 CV | Displacement: 1,340 cc | License: A

Suzuki has once again included the Hayabusa in its catalog, an iconic model of the brand that disappeared with the arrival of Euro4. Now fully updated, it continues to present itself as one of the fastest motorcycles in the world: 3.2 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h .

To do this, it uses a 1,340 cc inline four-cylinder engine that delivers a maximum power of 190 hp at 9,700 rpm and a torque of 150 Nm at 7,000 rpm. In this third generation it loses 5CV compared to the previous version, but despite this, it continues to show really outstanding figures.

To suit the Euro5, Suzuki has also modified the exhaust system with a completely new design and with a much larger presence and size than in the previous version. Despite this regulation, it continues to show really surprising acceleration figures: 6.9 seconds at 200 km / h from a standstill and a maximum speed close to 300 km / h .

To handle all this power and top speed, Suzuki has equipped the new Hayabusa with a world-class electronic package. The Suzuki Intelligent Driving System with IMU 6-Axis Inertial Platform
Selector manages the 3 pre-defined engine maps, 10-level and switchable traction control, 3 engine power modes, quick upshift and downshift, Anti-wheelie de 10-level and switchable, 3-level engine and output brake control, low-end assist, cruise control and speed limiter, or hill start and descent control.

Obviously the cycle part of this new Suzuki Hayabusa 2021 has also undergone improvements with a new and lighter double-beam perimeter frame made of aluminum. Regarding the suspensions, it has a Kayaba adjustable inverted fork with 43mm bars, while it is equipped with an adjustable monoshock at the rear.

To curb this power and its weight of 264Kg in running order, Suzuki has equipped the Hayabusa with two 320mm discs bitten by Brembo Stylema calipers, while behind the floating caliper is Nissin and the disc is 260mm. Cornering ABS is part of the standard equipment of this super sports bike .

The ergonomics have also been revised to offer a more comfortable driving position, but without losing its sporty essence, how could it be otherwise. The ‘Peregrine Falcon’, Hayabusa translation, has a seat height of 800mm and a redesigned front and fairing to offer great aerodynamic efficiency.

Among the novelties of the Hayabusa we should also highlight the new instrumentation panel through TFT screen along with two analog clocks, the new Full LED lighting system or the fuel tank with a capacity of 20 liters and that depending on the brand, can offer a autonomy of almost 300km.

The «Peregrine Falcon» returns to the roads and Suzuki brings back one of its most iconic models in its catalog with this Hayabusa that comes in two color finishes: Glossy Black Glazed / Gold or Silver Metallic Matte / Deep Red.

Suzuki Hayabusa price 2019

The price of the new Suzuki Hayabusa 2019 has not been provided by the brand . It will be available for order in the Suzuki dealer network in Spain in the coming months.

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