Joan Mir starts the defense of the MotoGP title without altering the ‘strength’

Joan Mir starts the defense of the MotoGP title without altering the 'strength'

Joan Mir is, like any pilot, a superstitious guy . And if he claims otherwise, he either lies or conceals very well. Beyond this license, the Balearic pilot seems subject to the premise that states that, if something works, do not touch it . And this has been evident in the presentation of Suzuki’s project for the 2021 MotoGP season. In fact, Joan Mir keeps the number # 36 on a GSX-RR that sports colors very similar to those it had last year . Question of not altering anything.

In the end, Suzuki is the team that has least altered its project , to the point of being the only structure that has not changed its driver line-up. The Hamamatsu firm remains faithful to a duo of high-flying pilots formed by the champion Joan Mir and the Spaniard Álex Rins. However, this state of immobility could not be absolute in a scenario like the one drawn by the Motorcycle World Championship and Suzuki will have to learn to live Davide Brivio .

The technical freeze that MotoGP is going through contributes to this state of stillness to reduce costs and counteract the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. A point that plays in favor of the champion , since the Suzuki GSX-RR has proven to be a highly compensated bike, capable of being fast on almost any circuit even with some obvious weak points. Although there is always room for maneuver, Joan Mir and Álex Rins will have no problem having the ‘same’ Suzuki GSX-RR that led the structure to also win the team title.

Despite maintaining the same pair of pilots and a very similar aesthetic in the Suzuki GSX-RR, there is a very important change that is not subject to the manufacturer’s own designs, so it does not alter this immobility, even if it is a factor to consider. And now they are the rival to beat. Suzuki is and Joan Mir is , a circumstance with which you have to learn to live. For the moment, Mir prefers to take the pressure off himself and focuses on the talent and speed of his rivals .

In fact, Joan Mir reaffirmed himself in this position during the presentation: «This new season suggests that it will be very exciting, with many very fast drivers. Despite having won last year, I don’t consider myself the favorite for this season . Much work remains to be done and great results to be achieved. However, I come to 2021 as the rival to beat for the rest and there is sure to be some pressure around it. I don’t care, these kinds of situations always give me an extra push « .

And it is that, within this immobility in movement, Joan Mir and his partner Álex Rins know that one of the keys for Suzuki to be able to repeat the successes of 2020 is regularity . Session by session and Grand Prix to Grand Prix, even more so in a season that may once again be marked by the COVID-19 pandemic like the last one. The failures will once again penalize twice and the champion Joan Mir has proven to be reliable like few others. And when it comes to reliability, Mir knows he shouldn’t touch anything either .

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