Honda NC750X 2021

Honda NC750X 2021

The  Honda NC750X 2021  has been updated to continue fighting in the segment of asphalt trail bikes of medium displacement with a more current design and improvements in components and finishes.

Price: € 8,250 | Power: 57.8 CV | Displacement:  745 cc | License:  A – A2

The NC750X was introduced in 2012 and since its launch it has become a bestseller for the Japanese brand. Honda has adapted this model to the Euro5 regulations, maintaining that character of practicality for urban use, for weekend routes or for traveling with a companion.

In the design section, a more sporty design is appreciated, with more angular lines and where the new headlight with LED technology stands out on the front, as well as the rest of the lighting system, which has also been redesigned and now has turn signals. self-canceling.

A model that is available in four color finishes: blue, red, black and white, like the unit that Honda Motos Valencia gave us to carry out the test.

At the ergonomics level we also find changes, with a seat height now lower and that is located at 800mm, so with 1.70, you reach the ground perfectly with both feet. In addition, the Japanese brand has developed a new windshield screen that offers greater aerodynamic protection than in the previous version and optionally, we can equip this model with a taller screen, for those users who are taller or who regularly travel with this model.

At the controls it offers us a fairly upright position and a wide handlebar, so the driving position is the usual one in this type of asphalt trail bikes that seek ride comfort and be able to make long runs of kilometers without excessive fatigue.

But if there is one aspect the NC750X is renowned for, it is the cargo space where the fuel tank should be located. In this 2021 version it increases its capacity to 23 liters, being able to store an adventure-style full face helmet and optionally, we can include a USB socket to charge our mobile phone, an equipment that we understand that today should come standard.

In addition, for those of you who are thinking of this model to travel, Honda has developed a complete set of trunk and suitcases to expand its load capacity as well as different accessory packs.

We went to the motorization section and to adapt to the Euro5 regulations, the engine had to undergo changes. Now the NC750X delivers almost 58 hp, 4 more than in the previous version and the parallel twin is 1.2 kg lighter than its predecessor.

The ignition cut line increases to 7,000rpm and if we add to this a change in the ratio of the first three gears, it shows that now we have better acceleration and a more sporty behavior. To reduce consumption Honda has also modified the development from 4th to 6th gear, which increases its autonomy and which the brand places at about 400 kilometers.

Another improvement is that it now comes equipped with an anti-rebound clutch and that helps us to reduce a possible rear wheel lock in strong reductions. If you have the A2 card, this model is also available with the limitation to 35Kw.

The Japanese brand has increased the electronic load of this model and we find a new electronic accelerator that manages the 3 preconfigured driving modes (standard, rain and sport) in addition to a fourth called USER that allows us to manage the delivery of power, engine brake or torque control.

In addition, the latter increases up to 3 levels of intervention and that is disconnectable. A set of electronics that is also adapted to the version with the DCT automatic transmission. All the changes can be made from the left pineapple and that are visible on the new LCD screen, another of the improvements of this version. An instrumentation panel with good visibility and that shows the information necessary for day to day, very clearly.

Within the cycle part we also find important novelties with a revised and lighter frame and that is that the NC750X reduces its weight by 6 kilos compared to the previous version and is in running order at 214Kg including 14 liters of capacity in the fuel tank.

Honda has revised the suspensions with new adjustments for the conventional 41mm fork that reduces its travel to 120mm, while the rear shock, which is adjustable in preload, also reduces its travel. This has helped lower the seat height to 800mm.

A set of suspensions that are now slightly more plumb and that improve ride comfort. At the braking level, it continues to mount the joint solvent that it already equipped in the previous version, with a 320mm front disc and two-piston caliper and a 240mm rear disc, working with a dual-channel ABS. Efficient braking that meets the type of driving for which this model is aimed.

In summary, Honda has not only adapted the NC750X to the Euro5 regulations to extend its useful life, but has also improved a model that already stood out for its versatility, with a side as an urban motorcycle to move around the city on a daily basis, perform a weekend outing or face a trip with a companion to enjoy our vacations. 

The new Honda NC750X  receives an extensive design change and this new version has a more “Adventure” aesthetic to resemble Honda’s “X” crossover range.

For this, the NC750X has been equipped with new headlights and lamps with LED technology, a 70 mm higher screen, to favor the road character of the model and aerodynamic protection for larger users. In addition, the seat height has been modified by 30mm, being 800mm.

Regarding the suspensions, it comes equipped with a new Showa Dual Bending Valve front fork with 41 mm bars and a revised travel of up to 120 mm, while behind it it mounts a Monoshock shock absorber activated by Pro-Link rods with 120 mm of travel.

Another novelty of this  asphalt trail motorcycle from Honda is the new exhaust system, lighter and more compact, as well as the widening of the gap available for a full-face helmet that increases by 1 liter in capacity. The false fuel tank can hold up to 23 liters and can optionally mount a USB-C socket.

The Honda NC750X is equipped with the well-known 745 cc parallel twin engine that increases power in 2021 to 57.8 hp at 6,000 rpm with a torque of 69 Nm at 4,750 rpm. The engine has undergone improvements to also adapt to the Euro5 motorcycle regulations. It comes equipped with an anti-rebound clutch, as well as a new shorter gear ratio in its first three gears to offer a sportier ride.

This Honda trail adventure motorcycle is available limited to 35 kW for A2 license users, as well as a version equipped with the DCT system. The maximum speed of the Honda NC750X is around the 200 km / h marker.

As a novelty for 2021, it is equipped with Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) with three levels and which is disconnectable, proof of the brand’s commitment to this model and how good opinions and comments it has received since its launch in 2012. In addition you get 3 pre-set driving modes – rain, standard and sport, plus a customizable USER mode.

In the braking section, the NC750X also receives improvements and comes equipped on the front wheel with a 320 mm lobed disc and new 2-piston caliper and two-channel ABS, while on the rear it equips a 240 mm lobed disc and single piston caliper.

The new  Honda NC750X 2021 has an LCD instrumentation panel, displaying the information in a diverse way according to the needs of the rider and that can be managed from the left pineapple. Another novelty is the redesigned LED lighting system, as well as incorporating self-canceling indicators.

In addition, and following in the wake of the rest of the range, the NC750X DCT version is available, equipped with a double-clutch gearbox with paddles and three driving modes that allows the engine’s power delivery to be adapted to the type of driving or the needs of the road.

Within the segment of medium-displacement trail bikes, the NC750X meets rivals such as the  Yamaha Tracer 700 , the  Kawasaki Versys 650 , the Suzuki V-Strom 650 , the BMW F750GS  or even its little sister the  Honda CB500X , among others.

As usual, the Japanese brand has a complete set of accessories for the Honda NC750X to expand your travel skills.

  • USB-C charging socket inside the storage compartment
  • Resin rear carrier
  • 38L / 50L top box with the option of including color matching or aluminum inserts
  • Suitcase support
  • Cases – right 26L / 32L, left 33L with option to include color matching or aluminum inserts
  • High windshield screen
  • Deflectors for feet
  • Side fenders finished in metallic silver
  • Fog lights
  • Heated grips

Price Honda NC750X 2021 / DCT

The price of the Honda NC750X 2021 is € 8,250 * , and it is available at the brand’s dealer network in Spain in four color finishes: Grand Prix Red, Matte Ballistic Black Metallic, Pearl Glare White and Glint Wave Blue Metallic.

* The official price indicated may vary depending on the version or possible offers or promotions from Honda Motos España or the dealer.

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