Analysis of the 2021 MotoGP Portuguese Grand Prix

Analysis of the 2021 MotoGP Portuguese Grand Prix

Portimao is a beautiful circuit, not only because of its location, but because for me, it is a circuit like the old ones, that is, with ascents, descents, and without a long straight where you can be scorched by pure and hard top speed. A pilot circuit! Even so, it is a circuit that has only one good line, and where overtaking is difficult. It has 9 curves to the right, and 6 to the left.

Bagnaia had his pole “stolen” on Saturday because there was a yellow flag during his fastest lap. Explain it to me, gentlemen, because Bagnaia made the turn of his life, and at no time did he endanger anyone. Thus, Quartararo found himself on pole, followed by Rins, and a Zarco who continues to bring out the colors of the factory Ducati riders. Jorge Martín, had an important tumble on Saturday, and verified first-hand that these MotoGPs are loaded by the devil himself… ..and I am not referring to Quartararo… ..For his part, Marc Márquez was returning home, although he looked clearly, that he is not yet, by far, in his best physical shape.

Before starting the race, and due to the heat, the 4 Yamaha decided to change the rear rubber and put the hard tire instead of the middle one, and that choice may have made them win the race and was the appropriate strategy, at least for two of the four Yamaha.

After the start, Zarco takes the lead, with the Suzuki Rins and Mir behind, and with a Márquez who for a moment seems like he hasn’t been on a racing bike for almost a year, but immediately begins to lose steam. , and pilots pass him, until he places himself in a comfortable 7-8 place. Meanwhile, his teammate, Pol Espargaró, is retiring from the race. We’ll see what the excuse is this time …

Rins is very aggressive and tries to pass Zarco again and again when braking, while Zarco burns him in the middle of the straight, to regain first place, like this again and again, until Quartararo arrives, who had not done excessively well, and he passes Rins and Zarco on lap 9, and starts shooting. Rins sticks to the wheel of the French, with his teammate Mir on the wheel, but soon the Mallorquin falls off, and only Quartararo and Rins remain in the lead.

Bagnaia, who, after stealing the classification, had started on the 12th, is gradually coming back and is nearing the top. Rossi on lap 15 falls. This is not the Rossi that we have all known. While in the lead, Quartararo throws like an unstitched, and is marking fastest lap after fast lap, answered immediately by Rins, who endures like a boar the French’s stakes, until lap 19, in which he goes to the ground. Worthy Aspiring Rins. Zarco, who had recovered his rhythm after Mir passed him, and saw how Bagnaia jumped on him and passed him, went to the ground on lap 20, destroying the championship lead. This French boy has never been the smartest in the class, and the duster was already seen the day he tried to catch the brakes on Nico Terol, in 125cc, at the end of the race …

In the end, and after the fall of Rins, Quartararo takes the victory with a comfortable last laps without anyone pressing him, second comes Bagnaia, with clear tire problems at the end of the race due to the effort made throughout the race, and third a ready Mir , which, like last year, and the cheetah keeping quiet, has not stopped scoring so far this year.


  • Quartararo: I don’t really know what to think of this boy. It has me a little taken aback. It’s true that he’s won the last two races, but last year, he squandered a bigger income. Many say that this year is more mature, but we will see when Márquez really returns, if he is able to measure up. For me, I keep leaving him in a big question. At the moment he has won 2 of 3 races and he looks strong.
  • Bagnaia: For me he is the rider who this year should step forward and establish himself as the clear number 1 of Ducati. I think he has talent and class to spare, and if he starts to believe it, he can be a clear candidate every weekend for victory.
  • Joan Mir: It is indisputable that, apart from being fast, he knows how to be regular. For me, one of the smartest riders on the current MotoGP grid. I do not think he will repeat as champion, but I see him to be in the TOP 3 at the end of the year.
  • Morbidelli: I think he’s a good driver, and also very smart. The surprise is not the fourth today, but the bad races of Qatar. I think it should be regularly in the top positions.
  • Special mentions for 4 pilots:
    • Marc Márquez: I don’t think anyone has been surprised that after a year without touching a racing bike, Marc “Manco” Márquez has placed 7th in the race, just 13 seconds behind the winner, and as the best race Honda. His teammate Pol retired, his brother Alex was behind him, 8th to almost 5 seconds, and Nakagami, also one-armed, finished 10th. I do not say more.
    • Maverick Viñales: This boy’s thing is to be studied at Oxford, or Harvard, but in Psychology! A rider who is in the elite of MotoGP cannot win a race one day, and the next be 11 out of 16. This has no justification whatsoever! You can win today, and tomorrow, have a problem with the wheels, or with the suspensions, or with the brakes, and finish 5th, but not 11. For me, this boy should look at it, and I think Yamaha made a serious mistake, leaving him in the official team, and not lowering him with Rossi to the satellite, and raising Morbidelli to the first team. Really, you have to make it look.
    • Jack Miller: I think he’s not living up to expectations this year and he’s under too much pressure to get it right. Today he made a mistake by Junior, and he fell, but in the races in Qatar it was not even close to what was expected. Qatar is a circuit where the Ducati should have dominated, and it was not quite like that, although Zarco came out of there as the leader. I think Jack is getting the pressure of being an officer.
    • Aleix Espargaró: Although Aleix in a personal way, has never been a saint of my devotion, I think that the work he is doing with the new Aprilia is spectacular, and above all because he is completely alone. He has no teammate, or someone to develop the bike for him, and he is eating it all by himself. If Aprilia is able to convince Dovi to join the project, watch out for Aleix and the Aprilia, because they can make a leap in quality, just like KTM did with the arrival of Pedrosa last year.

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